Building on the success of our 2021 launch, the Tech Monitor Public Sector Technology Symposium 2022 will bring together IT professionals from across the public sector to discuss digital transformation across central government, local administration, healthcare bodies and blue-light services in the UK.Government departments and agencies are under increasing pressure to transform legacy IT estates and deliver improved digital services for citizens - all within a robust and secure framework, and utilising the latest in tech innovation. This forum will convene digital, data, technology and IT leaders from across the UK public sector to share presentations, ideas, innovations and initiatives about public sector digital transformation.

Key Topics:
  • How is the new Central Digital and Data Office progressing?
  • What technologies are driving public sector transformation? Which form the backbone of innovation in public sector IT?
  • How are the NHS and healthcare organisations using technology to improve services and patient outcomes?
  • How are public sector security chiefs tackling the growing cyber threat, especially given limited budgets and razor-thin operating margins?
  • How are local government institutions and the largest Whitehall departments innovating with AI and automation, and putting data at the heart of their digital transformation agendas?