At a time when businesses are under growing pressure to deliver operational excellence and transformational innovation, more and more IT decision-makers are turning to the hybrid cloud to improve performance, drive growth and enhance flexibility.

For some, a hybrid cloud infrastructure represents a best of both worlds approach, enabling IT leaders to customise the optimal mix of public cloud, private cloud, and on-premises infrastructure solutions. It has proven to help organisations become more agile, manage costs and remain fit to meet the demands of a fast-changing digital landscape.

It is, however, by no means a silver bullet, and many businesses across a variety of industries have yet to realise a significant return on investment from cloud. Among the barriers are regulatory demands, including data residency, and a need for low-latency connections. For these and other reasons, sometimes on-premise is the more sensible destination. And it’s why hybrid cloud – combining public cloud solutions with on-premise resources, often in your own or co-lo facilities – is proving attractive.

This exclusive Tech Monitor roundtable dinner, in partnership with Lenovo, will dissect how hybrid cloud can help businesses achieve operational efficiency, meet ESG credentials, lower costs, and outperform their peers on revenue growth and profitability.

The event is an opportunity for senior IT leaders to come together in a relaxed and convivial setting to share migration frustrations and opportunities, discussing to what extent the use of hybrid cloud can help organisations punch above their weight in the global economy.

Topics for discussion will include:

  • Workload optimisation: public vs. private cloud
  • Combatting the escalating cost of the public cloud
  • Harnessing hybrid cloud to meet sustainability goals and boost ESG credentials
  • The important of transparency
  • The future of data residency
  • Striking correct balances in managed services agreements
  • Safeguarding interoperability
  • Achieving low-latency connections