A pivotal moment is approaching for the finance profession. The use of cutting-edge financial management technology has unlocked the potential to shed the burden of data collection and repetitive tasks. Instead, financial professionals can now focus on delivering profound analysis that senior leadership can rely upon for strategic decision-making. In essence, they are ready to take the reins, propelling their careers forward and out of the back-office shadows.

AccountsIQ conducted propriety research with over 500 finance professionals, divided by age and experience, to examine current attitudes towards their work, their careers, and the tools they used.

This exclusive webinar will analyse key findings from the survey and provide insight into how finance functions can harness the power of new technologies to streamline workloads, increase productivity, and stay one step ahead in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Key topics include:

  • Solving the efficiency problem
  • The effects of stress and feeling undervalued
  • Fit for the future: meeting young finance professionals’ expectations
  • How AI is shaping the future of finance
  • Key takeaways: what you need to know