Costa Rica, LATAM’s most sought-after nearshoring destination, is quickly gaining awareness as the prime location for the development of life-centred solutions. Additional to its already established world-class ecosystem of leading OEM’s and manufacturers in the life sciences industry, the country is now also leading the bio-revolution for new materials and nutraceuticals, and boosting circular economies.

Bolstering an astounding 60% of forest coverage, 6% of the world’s biodiversity and 99% of its electricity coming from renewable resources, its natural availability of raw materials (and human talent) is unmatched; transforming organic fibers and fruit waste to beauty products and building materials such as bricks, is already a reality in the country.

This webinar will address how and why Costa Rica is leading this new bio-revolution, and much more, directly from the success stories of Yellow Pallet, Kokora & Tropical Matter; companies already established and prospering in the country.