There are a number of challenges that Enterprise IT leaders of today are faced with on a daily basis. Among those most frequently cited by readers of Tech Monitor are: the hybrid work landscape post-Covid, environmental sustainability, artificial intelligence (AI), cyber security, and edge computing.

All of these, combined with an ever rising volume of data, mean that finding the right platforms to store and manage workloads is crucial to the efficiency and ultimately the success of your organisation.

The hybrid cloud model offers the flexibility of storing data on a public cloud, on-premise or on the edge.

At this specially convened Tech Monitor roundtable dinner, in partnership with Lenovo and VMware, we will look at the benefits of hybrid cloud, from operational efficiency to cost manageability. We’ll also look at the factors that determine which data should be stored in the cloud and which is better kept on premise, with due consideration of the shift towards AI.

This event provides an opportunity for senior IT leaders to meet in the relaxed surroundings of the Ivy City Garden (close to Liverpool Street Station), to network with peers and exchange their thoughts on the subject matter.

The evening will aim to prove how the use of hybrid cloud can help organisations gain competitive edge and find success in the current economic climate.

Topics for discussion will include:

  1. Workload optimisation: public vs. private cloud
  2. Combatting the escalating cost of the public cloud
  3. Harnessing hybrid cloud to meet sustainability goals and boost ESG credentials
  4. The important of transparency
  5. The future of data residency
  6. Striking correct balances in managed services agreements
  7. Safeguarding interoperability
  8. Achieving low-latency connections