Integrating security into IT operations

In the traditional model of IT management, dedicated security teams focused on defending the organisation’s ‘perimeter’, while IT operations managed systems and devices behind the firewall. But that perimeter is no more. Core business applications are hosted in the cloud, and workers are connecting to the business from their home networks, often with their own devices.

This calls for more integrated IT and security operations. When every system, device or network connection is a potential entry point for cybercriminals, security checks and protocols must be embedded into all IT operations.

But how can organisations achieve this most effectively?

In a roundtable supported by Intel, Tech Monitor will convene IT operations managers and decision makers to share their insight and experience.

Topics for discussion include:

  • Securing hybrid work
  • Device selection and management
  • IT operations tools, platforms, and processes
  • Skills and collaboration


  • 18:30- attendees arrive; drinks and canapés
  • 19:15- introduction by TechMonitor
  • 19:30- expert talk and discussion
  • 19:45- dinner is served
  • 21:00- Q&A and discussion
  • 22:30- carriages

*In unforeseen circumstances if you need to cancel your VIP delegate place, we kindly request that you send a suitable replacement and inform us of the name change as soon as possible.