As we forge ahead in 2023, companies need to continue to embrace change, find new ways to grow and prepare for what’s ahead.

Sage has collaborated with their customers, partners and thought-leaders over the past few months to gauge their insight on the key trends set to reshape accounting and finance in the upcoming year.

This exclusive Tech Monitor webinar will convene a panel of industry experts to discuss their findings and analyse how innovative businesses can stay one step ahead in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Key trends for discussion:

  • How will the execution of ESG goals change in a recessionary climate?
  • Will entering a recession during a labour shortage change your staffing practices?
  • Why will AI become more important than ever?
  • Now that we’re all in the cloud, how is cybersecurity changing?
  • How will the rise of private equity change accounting and finance?
  • Why is knowing and supporting your supply chain more important than ever?
  • How can the rise of superapps help you take your business to the next level and gain competitive advantage during a recession?