Making Sense of Net Zero is an exclusive global event series that will convene over 2000 business leaders, policymakers, sustainability officers, NGOs and investors in the lead up to COP26.   Increasing numbers of countries and companies are pledging to reach net zero emissions. But what does this mean? Is it a business risk or a business opportunity? A sign of economic or political strength? How can companies meet ambitious carbon reduction demands and remain competitive? And what can policymakers do to support businesses in this transition?    Drawing on the editorial expertise and global reach of the New Statesman, Energy Monitor, Capital Monitor, Tech Monitor and Investment Monitor, Making Sense of Net Zero will help arm businesses with strategies and solutions to lead, innovate, collaborate and invest in the transition to a more sustainable society and drive change worldwide.    Four half-day events will take place in September and October, allowing you to carve out a manageable chunk of your day while connecting with peers in an interactive and intuitive virtual setting.    This free-to-attend event is a unique opportunity for leaders of business and policy to come together and put their collective expertise to some of the immediate challenges that will shape the COP26 agenda and beyond.   

8th September 2021: 13:00  to 17:30 BST
  • Why net zero makes economic sense 
22nd September 2021:  13:00  to 17:00 BST 
  • How businesses drive climate action 
13th October 2021: 13:00  to 17:00 BST
  • Why technology is the beating heart of the net zero revolution   
20th October 2021: 13:00  to 17:30 BST  
  • Beyond COP26: Remaking the global economy