Join the Tech Monitor editorial team and a selection of expert speakers on 09 December 2021 for the virtual Making Zero Trust a Reality as we evaluate the effectiveness of zero trust approaches, and share strategies for overcoming the challenges that hundreds of businesses face as they step up their cybersecurity processes.

The Zero Trust concept is centred on the belief organisations should not verify everything trying to connect to its systems from both outside and inside its perimeters before granting access. Many companies provide company-owned devices, but – in the interests of employee freedom and ease of access – do not give direction around the use of additional peripheral devices.

Key topics include:


  • How are Zero Trust approaches helping mitigate data breaches?
  • How do Zero Trust models differ from the castle-and-moat mentality?
  • How do organisations implement a zero-trust framework into their operations?
  • What are the challenges involved?
  • Are the technologies to support Zero Trust architecture mature enough to make adoption seamless?

Speakers include:

  • Vivin Sathyan, Senior Technical Evangelist, Manage Engine
  • Pete Swabey, Editor-in-Chief, Tech Monitor
  • Victoria van Roosmalen, Chief Information Security Officer & DPO, Coosto
  • Paul Vincent, Director of IT Cyber Security, Lloyds Banking