The demand for and sophistication of sustainable investment offerings continues to grow, but a new addition to MiFID II is set to have deep and wide-ranging implications for the investment industry at large.

In this webinar experts discuss what the latest developments mean for investors, the wealth managers who serve them – and the future of the investment landscape.

The discussion will cover:

  • The growth and development of sustainable investing in recent years, including the rise of personalised offerings
  • Tools that can be used to integrate clients’ value preferences
  • The burdens and responsibilities for advisers and asset managers that have arisen from the new elements of MiFID II
  • How to meet those responsibilities effectively
  • The wider implications of the regulation and how they may reshape the investment industry in years to come
Speaker line up:
  • Edwin Smith, Editor, Spears
  • Lydia Pinnell, Senior Strategist, Clarity AI
  • Rodolphe Bocquet, VP of Partnerships and Regulations, Clarity AI