The nation has a long history of low productivity. Labour productivity has stagnated since the last global financial crisis of 2009 and the record of the UK is now one of the worst in the OECD. This is despite some of our regions being among the most productive in the developed world, highlighting stark regional differences across the country: some estimates show that London’s productivity is about 30% higher than the UK average, and 50% more than that in Yorkshire and the East Midlands. How can we effectively tackle the skills gap to help boost regional productivity? What effective solutions are out there that can improve social mobility and help us build back from the pandemic? Can investing in green job opportunities boost recovery and help ensure a resilient, long-term economic growth? How can the UK reach its productivity potential?Join us on Tuesday, 1st November at QEII, Conference Centre Westminster in London to hear from policymakers and industry experts as they discuss the crucial role of skills in delivering the levelling up agenda and improving productivity in underperforming areas. From coordinating an effective skills strategy to boosting digital skills, they will explore how we can address discrepancies between UK regions and communities, and build a resilient economy for our future generations.