Thriving in The Age of Generative AI

The breakneck speed at which AI continues to advance is redefining the business landscape. With generative AI rapidly permeating daily life and transforming industries from banking to retail, to logistics and healthcare, businesses are grappling with a fast-paced, disruptive digital landscape. Virtually every business has either utilised or at least contemplated the use of generative AI to enhance their daily operations.

This exclusive Tech Monitor roundtable, in partnership with Hexaware, will convene senior leaders from a cross-section of industries to discuss maximising business value with Generative AI (GenAI).

Questions for discussion include:

  • How are business utilising generative AI to improve workflows and enhance operational efficiency?
  • What success stories can be shared, and which areas are most ripe for growth?
  • What are the limitations of generative AI? Why must we tread carefully?
  • How can businesses ensure they are at the leading edge, not bleeding edge, when it comes to using generative AI?
  • What are the cyber-attack scenarios associated with generative AI? What is the current threat landscape and how might this evolve in the future?
  • What strategies are business leaders adopting to safeguard their businesses from cyber-attacks associated with generative AI? What innovative technologies are available to them?
  • To what extent must the greater use of generative AI technology be paired with effective business strategy? What must be considered to ensure you receive buy-in from the board?