Roundtable: Streamlining your business with hybrid cloud

A rapidly evolving digital landscape coupled with increasingly challenging economic conditions means that more businesses than ever before are turning to the cloud.

The attraction of cloud is clear: a fully managed, cost-effective and scalable environment is perfect for many workloads. For other workloads, however, migration is not so easy, and businesses across a variety of industries have yet to realise a significant return on investment from cloud.

Spiralling costs, interoperability in and between cloud providers, and synthesising legacy systems are just some of the frustrations. Wrestling with this challenge, organisations are increasingly reaching for a hybrid cloud alternative – combining outsourced IT services off-site with optimised on-premise environments.

This exclusive Tech Monitor roundtable dinner, in partnership with Lenovo and AMD, will address how businesses can harness the power of hybrid cloud to drive growth, enhance agility and achieve operational efficiency.

The event is an opportunity for senior IT leaders to come together in a relaxed and convivial setting to share migration frustrations and opportunities, discussing to what extent the use of hybrid cloud can help their organisation remain fit to compete in today’s global economy.


Topics for discussion will include:

  • Workload optimisation: public vs. private cloud
  • Utilising the cloud to drive sustainability and promote ESG credentials
  • Ensuring transparency in hybrid clouds
  • Maintaining interoperability
  • Striving for low-latency connections
  • Data residency considerations
  • Striking correct balances in managed services agreements
  • Keeping pace with regulatory demands and requirements