The smart manufacturing sector has experienced significant growth over the course of the last few years, as various industries continue to adopt new technologies in the hunt for maximum efficiency.

However, manufacturers’ supply chains have faced unprecedented disruption with the combination of the UK leaving the EU and the global pandemic, sitting alongside rocketing cost of transport, energy and raw materials. This disruptive cocktail has forced businesses to dramatically review their supply chain arrangements at speed, and explore which industry leading technologies can be harnessed to achieve company-wide agility.

This Tech Monitor webinar, in partnership with Infor, will explore how manufacturers of all sizes can realise the benefits of increased digitisation, connectivity and automation at a time of unparalleled disruption.

  • Is volatility the new normal for the global manufacturing industry?
  • Which technologies are manufacturers adopting to build resilience in their global supply chains?
  • How can technology adoption be effectively paired with strategy?
  • How can manufacturers incorporate advanced analytics into their supply chain operations?
  • What does future hold for smart manufacturing?