Growing rapidly is no easy feat for businesses, but with a firm understanding on how to do so successfully and with strong technology partners, the journey can be smoother than expected. For Forecast, building a strong foundation for their finance team was essential on their growth journey.

Join Sage Intacct and Tech Monitor as we discuss how businesses have used technology to alleviate pain points and what unexpected benefits they have seen since implementing the right software to help them grow. We will be joined by Forecast who will share insights from their journey to improve their finance function who were struggling with inconsistent reporting and unnecessary time-consuming work in their finance team, with the help of technology.

In this exclusive Sage Intacct and Tech Monitor webinar we will:

  • Hear from Forecast about their growth journey and how technology has helped them along the way
  • Discuss the benefits of using best-in-class finance software instead of a best-in-breed finance software
  • Look at how Sage Intacct supports their clients and helps to build a strong finance function foundation