Moving to the cloud is never simple. Businesses looking to scale their operations by moving key services into the cloud are looking for a service that’s scalable, flexible and cost-effective. What they often encounter, however, is a migration exercise fraught with practical challenges and hidden costs.

The hybrid cloud offers a way for companies to avoid this quagmire. By outsourcing only a portion of its IT services off-site while building an optimised, on-premises solution to handle its most critical and sensitive functions, a business can – theoretically – have the best of both worlds. But how can organisations achieve this without compromising on security and functionality?

In a roundtable supported by Lenovo & Microsoft, Tech Monitor will convene senior IT leaders to discuss to the extent to which adopting hybrid cloud computing enables businesses to meet technical requirements while simultaneously benefiting from the flexibility of a scalable and transparent pay-as-you-go model.

Topics for discussion will include:

  • Ensuring transparency in hybrid clouds
  • Scaling at pace to meet evolving business requirements
  • Utilising the cloud to drive sustainability
  • The importance of effective cloud security
  • Maintaining interoperability
  • Striking correct balances in managed services agreements