In a world where macroeconomic conditions can change the face of business in an instant, it is more important than ever for finance and IT departments to move in lockstep. Savvy finance leaders know that they have to work with their IT colleagues to achieve success; but often, the departments are so separated they have trouble understanding one another.

In this webinar we will address the critical role financial responsibility plays in the success of business, and how decision makers can work together to instil a culture of financial responsibility across an organisation. Much like a culture of security, one of financial responsibility brings many benefits, including improved decision making, increased efficiency and reduced risk. We will explore those benefits in detail and look at how IT and finance leaders can both establish and maintain that culture, with real-world examples. As well as the importance of financial responsibility, we will delve into the key components of a responsible culture, the challenges organisations face in establishing that culture, and how to overcome them. We will also address the importance of communication and transparency between departments, and how that communication can help build trust. Finally, we will look at key aspects of the modern financial world and why IT must be involved in any rollout of new finance systems: from automation to save time spent on manual processes, to open APIs encouraging integration with other applications.

This webinar, conducted by Sage and hosted by Tech Monitor, will provide IT and finance decision makers with valuable insights and practical strategies for working together.