Finding value in the hybrid cloud

As businesses around the world face up to challenging economic conditions, they are turning to the cloud in greater numbers than ever before.

And while the fully-managed, cost effective, secure and scalable environment offered in the cloud is perfect for many workloads, others cannot be as easily migrated. Data residency and other regulatory requirements, or a need for low latency, can mean businesses must keep certain information on-premises.

That’s where the hybrid cloud comes in. By combining public cloud solutions with on-premise resources (in your own or co-lo facilities), businesses can enjoy the best of both worlds, keeping costs down and potentially boosting their sustainability credentials in the process.

How can businesses successfully transition to a hybrid future? What are the main challenges involved? At this roundtable supported by Lenovo & Intel, Tech Monitor will convene senior IT leaders to discuss how organisations can navigate the hybrid cloud landscape, and how they can obtain best value for money from hybrid cloud deployments.

Topics for discussion will include: 

  • Ensuring transparency in hybrid clouds
  • Utilising the cloud to drive sustainability
  • The evolving regulatory landscape
  • Striking correct balances in managed services agreements