State-sponsored threat actors, financially motivated cyber criminals, and amateur hackers will continue to be enticed by the massive impact that can result from an attack on a nation’s critical infrastructure. The risk of a successful attack could be severe—damaged power grids could leave cities in the dark, or even put lives at risk.


A recent study shows that attacks against energy utilities are among the top three most targeted sectors for cyberattacks in the United States. In addition, Europe, Australia, and Japan have reported an increase in threats against critical infrastructure. The threat is global and the risk alarming. This exclusive Tech Monitor webinar, in association with Fortinet, will dissect the strategies security leaders can adopt to thwart these malicious attacks and stay ahead of the hackers, as well as the suite of integrated and automated technologies available to them.


Questions for discussion include:


  • What are the main cybersecurity challenges facing the power and utilities sector right now? What is the current threat landscape?
  • How is the ongoing modernisation of Critical Infrastructures impacting on the threat landscape?
  • What strategies are security leaders adopting to effectively combat cyber-attacks? What innovative technologies are available to them?
  • To what extent must technology be paired with business strategy? What must be considered to ensure you receive buy-in from the board?


Claudia Glover, Senior Reporter, Tech Monitor (Chair)

Agustin Valencia, OT/IoT/ICS Security Business Development Iberia, Fortinet

Swantje Westpfahl, Director (CEO) of the Institute for Security and Safety