Event overview:

Few businesses would doubt that their data is a strategic asset and vital to the achievement of their aims. But most are confronted with an array of data sources, data management tools, and competing organisational objectives that complicate the matter of using data to create the maximum possible value.

Whether working in tax or accounting, logistics or marketing, the ability to automate processes and leverage data will continue to be rewarded with higher pay and opportunities.

To investigate how companies can use their data to create business value, Tech Monitor, in partnership with Alteryx, surveyed over 400 senior business executives with responsibility for technology, based in Northern Europe, to understand how they manage their data and analytics capabilities.

This webinar will convene a panel of senior executives and advisors to discuss the findings of the survey and analyse what differentiates “data leaders” from “data laggards” in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Key topics include:

  • Strategies for implementing an organisation-wide data strategy
  • How prioritise data and analytics projects methodically
  •  The importance of combining technical data expertise with business expertise
  • Empowering employees to analyse – how to equip operational staff with data and       analytics capabilities
  • The role of communication in developing a data culture
  • How do organisations go about implementing a data strategy in a quick and safe manner?