Tech Monitor’s webinar in partnership with Hexaware Vast, Fast, And Relentless: Consumer Buying Enters A New Era. Available to view on-demand. 

The opportunity to engage customers digitally has never been greater —but so is the cost of failing to meet their expectations. Evolving technology and consumer expectations are changing how consumer-facing organisations across industries communicate with, engage and sell to consumers. Customer journeys are becoming increasingly hybrid, a mix of digital and physical experiences, making it more challenging but ever more necessary to pursue customer experience excellence.


During this exclusive Tech Monitor webinar, in partnership with Hexaware, Senior Forrester Analyst Michelle Beeson will share insights and research to illustrate changing consumer behaviors that will shape the future of retail, as well as the engagement strategies consumer-facing organisations are adopting to navigate this rapidly changing landscape.


An expert panel will then dissect the challenges businesses face in delivering superior customer experience excellence, why technology must be paired with strategy, and the tools innovative organisations are deploying to gain competitive edge.


Key topics:

  • How are customer needs, behaviours and expectations evolving? What trends are we seeing?
  • What engagement strategies are consumer-facing organisations adopting to navigate this rapidly changing landscape?
  • What does it take to deliver the next best experience to customers in an increasingly competitive and crowded environment?
  • What impact does this have on internal business alignment and processes?
  • How can more agile approaches to collaboration be implemented across the business to manage the end-to-end customer journey?
  • The importance of a customer centric approach when selecting new products, services and technologies