Investment Monitor’s webinar in partnership with CINDE Why is Costa Rica a key destination for the top big pharma companies?

Available to view on-demand. 

As a top destination, Costa Rica has become LATAM’s ideal location for pharmaceutical industries, medical devices, a hub for strategic suppliers, R&D activities, and clinical studies. 

Now home to 5 of the top 7 Big Pharma Companies in the MedTech sector, the country has given a step further in the pharma industry with the expansion of companies. Leveraging operational enhancement through drug testing & clinical trials, to patient data analytics, pharmacovigilance, manufacturing, and packaging, Costa Rica has emerged as the top choice for deploying a series of complex high-added-value processes.

Learn why Costa Rica has become such a sought-after nearshoring destination directly from the success cases of managers and leaders from Roche and Merck; companies established and prospering in the country for many years over.

An expert panel will then dissect the challenges businesses face in delivering superior customer experience excellence, why technology must be paired with strategy, and the tools innovative organisations are deploying to gain competitive edge.