Event overview:

Distributors are no longer defined by the inventory they carry. In the digital age, they’ll be defined by their ability to be innovative partners. New technologies such as enhanced cloud computing, AI, machine learning, and the internet of things (IoT) are disrupting the industry—allowing early adopters to better understand their customers, improve operations, and develop new services. At a time of significant global disruption and volatility, distributors must embrace these new technologies to stay relevant in this fast-changing environment.

This exclusive Tech Monitor webinar, in association with Infor, will explore how innovative distributors are harnessing the power of cloud technology to outpace their competition, drive profitability and improve operational resilience.

Key topics include:

  • What are key factors creating volatility for global distributors right now?
  • How is the relationship between wholesale distributors and the customers they serve evolving?
  • How is cloud technology enabling distributors to drive innovation and increase productivity?
  • Which technologies are distributors deploying to build resilience in their global supply chains?
  • How is cloud technology enabling wholesale distributors to optimize every facet of their operations—from sales, inventory
  • and warehouse management, financials and omni-channel engagement?
  • Is cloud really a silver bullet? Why are some distributors not deploying such technologies?
  • How can cloud adoption be effectively paired with business strategy?